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Aug 182014 is in 5th position in our rankings, Read complete review here.



Category: Plus Size dating sites

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Membership models: is one of the top rated Plus size dating sites, It has two types of memberships which are:

  • Free membership
  • Paid membership which costs around $14.99 per month

Features for free members: This platform offers only some basic features, some of those features are listed below.

  • Free profile
  • Check  messages
  • Search option
  • Safe dating tips
  • Success stories

Paid membership has many features, some of them are.

  • Sending & receiving E-mails
  • Video Chat
  • Finding who has viewed one’s profile
  • Receive match making suggestions
  • Search with many options like Location, Ethnicityetc
  • Good customer service
  • Sending flirts to other members
  • Posting more pictures in profiles

Detailed review: is one of the top rated Plus size dating site, There are many features which will make the users have more fun like sending flirts to other members to let them know that they are interested. The best feature is that most of the members are from USA making this site more trustworthy.

Video chat is also one feature which is worth mentioning, The chat experience is good but there is scope for improvement in this feature because while using it got stuck some times testing the patience of the user. Free members have very less options when compared to their competitors. Free members can’t send or even read E-mails.

Receiving flirts might be fun but it is exhausting if you get many flirts from unnecessary people. The search option is also very good with many criteria’s to search like Gender, Location, Age, smoking, relationship status, profiles etc. It is also very painful to scope through more members to find your match.

Live chat is also good but we found some people who are just there looking for quick hookups which is little bad. There are thousands of members and it gives the users a lot of choices to choose their partners.

Final word: is a good bbw dating site with very less features for free members & you need to spend lot of time scoping through thousands of members, but it is worth your time (if you have it) and we recommend our users to try it. review

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Aug 162014 is standing @ 4th position in our rankings, Read complete review here.

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Category: Plus Size dating sites


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Membership models:

There are 3 types of subscriptions including free, In paid there are two subscription. The complete details are given below.

1) Free membership

2) Paid membership 1 — $ 24.99 per month

3) Paid membership 2 — $ 31.99 per month

Features for free members:

The features offered for free membership are less some of them are:

  • Free profile creation
  • My Friends area for sorting friends
  • Success stories
  • Report abuse feature
  • Quick search option

Paid membership includes below features:

  • E-mail option with alerts
  • Advanced Search option with age, location, gender, Username, Height etc.
  • Photo gallery with thumbnail option
  • Events section for checking birthdays, parties etc.
  • Special message boards
  • Gift subscriptions for sale
  • IM feature
  • Sending cards to members
  • Smileys
  • Safe communication
  • Featured members
  • Option to check members online

There are many more options which are fun to use.

Detailed review: is one of the top contenders in BBW dating sites. There are many features available in this platform like smileys, sending cards,Our personal favorite “sparks” to use this option choose a member and select a message from categories like Political opinions, personality, Dreams & wishes etc, It tickles one’s funny bone very much.

The basic look & feel of the site is pretty ordinary and give a feel of dejavu. Not many pics are present on the Home page and more content is present which feels a little cluttered. The site is quite busy and it hangs some times leaving the users frustrated.

After signing up it is very easy to keep track of all the messages, mails sent by you or by other members to you on the left side of your dedicated home page. It also has options for sending cards & see who has viewed your profile. There is also option for adding members to your matches, this option is useful for letting other members know about your interest in them.

Search option is too good with many criteria’s to search like gender, age, location, keywords, smoking,drinking, relationship status, Children, body type, profiles with photos, education and many others. One more attractive option is “Today’s birthdays”, If there are any birthdays all of them will be published on every member’s home page.

Final word:

Except for some drawbacks like design and site hanging some times is a decent Plus size dating site for BBW singles with a lot of options which will be very much appreciated by it’s users. We definitely recommend our users to try this site. It has got a lot more options that it’s competitors.

Aug 142014 is one if the new BBW dating sites which has taken 3rd position in our rankings, Read full review here.

bbwrelationship over all rating

Category: Plus Size dating sites

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Ratings: ratings





Membership models: has two kinds of models one is Standard & other one is Gold membership.

Features for free members:

  • Free to create profile
  • Add free photos
  • Sending Winks
  • Search profiles locally
  • Dating advice
  • Access to blog & forum
  • Success stories

Gold membership includes all standard membership features including below features:

  • Dating counselor
  • Free 100$ verification package
  • E-mails
  • Search for verified members, location, Age, gender etc.
  • Access to News & videos
  • Verification & highlighting
  • Live support

Pricing details:

Standard membership is free of cost

Gold membership costs $29.99 per month

Detailed review: is a new but good quality site for BBW singles with many features at it’s disposal. The basic look & feel of the site is okay but it gives a nostalgic approach to the first time users. The sign in form has lots of details to fill which in turn will be used to provide top notch service to it’s users.

It has two membership options:

  • Standard
  • Gold

Standard members have many options like Free profile creation, Winks, Free dating advice, Access to forums & blogs, The forums are highly active with some quality members who know what they are discussing, Most of the users are kind and we didn’t see any sarcastic or bad responses.

For Gold members there are many extra features like dating counselor, Verification & highlighting of profile, Live support, Free 100$ verification package among others. The fees of standard membership is $29.99 which is a very good & competitive price. Gold members can view and respond to E-mails sent by other members.

The search option is another highlight which includes search by age, location, gender, relationship status, Religion, drinking habits, Ethnicity and many more. This option is also very easy and pretty smooth to use. 

Final word:

The overall look & feel of the site might be little conventional but the options provided in this platform are pretty good and we certainly loved searching profiles, We suggest our readers to try this site as it is free and update if you like the options. review

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Aug 132014 stands at 2nd position in our ranking system, Read complete review here.

BBWcupid over all rating

Category: Plus Size dating sites

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Ratings: ratings





Membership models: has three types of memberships which are Standard, Gold & Premium respectively.

  • Standard membership is free
  • Gold membership costs £17.99 per month
  • Premium membership costs £21.99 per month

Features for Standard members:

  • Free profile creation
  • Can add upto 5 photos
  • Receive messages but no sending
  • Chat room
  • Help section

Features for Gold members:

Gold members will have access to all standard features including below options

  • Access to video gallery
  • Read & send messages to both standard & other members
  • Instant messenger
  • Option to add personal profile with more options
  • Include profile in messages
  • Mobile app

Features for Premium members:

Premium members will have access to all features including below ones.

  • Access to Video E-mail
  • Can create Video profile

Detailed Review: is a very famous BBW dating site, It has a large database with close to 1 lakh members. The search option is also very effective and users can search using Age, gender, location, region, Ethnicity, Height, weight including many more.

It is free to join as standard member and users have choice to upgrade to Gold or premium options, Both of these options offer many more features than standard option. The design of the site looks professional and it is incredibly easy to navigate through the site.

Video profile is a very innovative feature offered by, Users can watch the profiles of other members using this option and can have more insight into their profile. No other competitor is providing this feature which makes this feature unique for

Checking mails is also very smooth and users can create separate folders to keep things organized and clean. One more useful feature is Most popular section, This option is very handy for users who care more about looks for finding a partner, We think it might be a little out of league because we had much competition from the users in this option.

IMchat is available for chatting with members and it is pretty fun to use. The forum & blog are very active and many interesting topics and queries are available. The blog is updated frequently with useful content.

Final word: is one of the best Plus size dating sites we have encountered so far and we would like our readers to try this as the pricing is very affordable and if you are lucky you may find your love without much hassle.

Aug 132014

image 4Welcome to our segment on how to choose wisely if you want to spend your hard earned money on BBW dating site. Please read the information carefully and take a wise decision on how to proceed. So read along…

You might have heard terms like Plus size dating ,BBW dating, BHM dating, most of these terms mean dating services for fat or large people. BBW (Big beautiful women) & BHM (Big Handsome men) are used commonly now-a-days. There are many sites which offer dating services especially for BBW’s & BHM’s but to find the best one is a tedious task and it is highly likely that people end up with nothing but frustration.

Some important aspects which should be considered before joining any bbw dating site would be:

  • Good design
  • Easy navigation
  • Strict Spam policy
  • Genuine profiles
  • Best community support
  • Top class customer service
  • Affordable pricing
  • Forums or blogs for support

We filter all these features in each & every site and give fair reviews. Always read complete reviews to find the hidden good features in each site and take an informed decision. Review

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Aug 132014 takes the first position in our ranking system, Read complete review here.

Large Friends over all rating


Category: Plus Size dating sites

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Ratings: ratings

Membership models: has two kinds of membership models one is guest/free membership and the other one is Paid/Gold membership.

Features for free members:

  • Add up to 20 pictures
  • Searching & browsing of profiles
  • Send winks to other members
  • Usage of E-mails
  • Online chat feature
  • Free ads posting
  • Can comment on others profiles
  • Forum usage

Gold membership has many more features like Dating advice & safety tips, Videos, Latest news, Search options are available with Age, gender, area, keywords, Relationship status, Ethnicity, Religion etc.

Detailed review: is appealing to the eye with basic colors and attractive enough to hold the user’s attention. The signing up process is very detailed with a lot of options to cover, We believe by taking more information from the users it will be very easy to filter spammers because they might not want to complete all the fields.

Free members have many options but the gold members have more exciting options and they have more reach than standard members. Gold membership costs 29.99 $ which is a very competitive price. Many standard members upgrade to gold membership frequently to enjoy the quality services offered by

The E-mail & wink section are pretty handy and fun to use. Users can update their profile with many detailed options like habits, Income, Languages known etc. Users can search profiles with most of these options. One more useful feature is users can save their mail into separate folders for ease of use.

Forums is another attraction which is pretty clean with relevant topics and friendly environment. The forum seems very active with genuine Q & A from members. Date Ideas is also one most important feature which is easy & funny to use.Standard members can earn gold membership if they report scammers or submit some suggestions to improve site.

Final word: is a pretty interesting platform for BBW dating & Plus size dating but the only drawback we saw is the navigation of the site is little clumsy, but it is easily shadowed by other attractive features offered by them. We would like to give a ” Thumbs Up ” for them and suggest our readers to try

User Reviews:


I really love this site, The platform is exquisite with many options. I highly recommend for big people like me to find love.